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Since more than 20 years we grow up learing about the world of Quantum Physics and its application to various fields, mainly to therapeutic world applied to Humans, Animals, Agricolture, Living Spaces and Nature. We developed an important know how to combine best technologies with best human techniques, a succesfull integration between digital and analogical in the fields of consciousness, information, energy and matter, to give impulse to an important change in the lifestyle of humans helping all is around them too. We created in 2012 an important movement called MedCam www.medcam.it with an international congress in Assisi, with all complementary disciplines represented. We went on cultivating this kind of integration among all disciplines in order to find the best help from each point of view. All is integrated in analogical and digital usage of technology too, combined with consciousess setting of it. We all are consciousness and it is time do use our power of connecting eachother and with Nature. You will find here pure experienced knowhow of therapists and doctors, but also coach and engineers and many others, useful to help your inner growth for a better lifestyle. All of you might propose your technique following an integration cryteria with our platform. All we are doing is working in progress, done step by step in a continuous growth and integration. Let's start to have a better life together, Andrea and Valentina


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